Leung, Wing Hin (Venus)

Leung, Wing Hin (Venus) 梁穎騫

Master in Art Psychotherapy (UK)

Certificate in Couples Therapy (UK)

BA in Psychology & Applied Child Development(Hons)

Registered Art Psychotherapist (UK), HCPC & BAAT

UK Registered Art Psychotherapist


I believe art is a form of language that allows us access to and expression of indescribable feelings and experience. Through art therapy, self understanding, realization and acceptance can be achieved, leading to positive change and growth. As a registered Psychodynamic Art Psychotherapist, I work with clients with a range of age and abilities focusing on clients with emotional distress, special educational needs, physical and mental challenges, as well as clients with self identity and relationship struggles, in particular relationship with partners and parent-child relationship. The use of art therapy in a wider context for social change is my other area of interest. I am also passionate about the healing power of creativity and art as a means for self exploration, its contribution to a more sustained state of wellbeing and its positive effects on mental health,


  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Applied Child Development (Hons), University of Hong Kong (HK)
  • Diploma in Fine Art, School of Continuing & Professional Studies CUHK (HK)
  • Master of Arts in Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths University of London (UK)
  • Certificate in Couples Therapy, Tavistock London (UK)

Professional Registrations

  • Registered Art Psychotherapist (Reg. No. AS15328), Health Care Professions Council (UK)
  • Full Member, British Association of Art Therapists (UK)
  • Professional Member, Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HK)


梁穎騫藝術治療師簡介 我相信藝術是語言的一種;一種傳達內心世界和感受的語言,提供一個渠道讓我們接觸及表達難以用說話 解釋的領域。透過藝術治療,我們可以抒發情緒,表達及感受最真實的自己,並進行探索及了解,進而解 決問題、化解衝突、形成新的認知來促進個人的成長和正向的改變。 服務的群組主要集中於受情緒問題困擾,被家庭問題影響的兒童或青少年;有不同身體健康狀況、有特殊 學習需要及有自閉症的個案。而受情感關係困擾,對自我認同及價值的掙扎亦是我的服務對象。除心理治 療外,我亦會舉辦家長支援小組及家長講座,及以藝術媒介作親子關係建立的藝術治療。另外,我亦會籌 劃以藝術治療作基礎的社區共融計劃,藝術展覽及社區教育等。 我相信每個人都有創作及作畫的能力,亦相信藝術創作本身有治癒的力量。我希望更多人能夠懂得運用藝 術創作去探索及了解自己,並能與自己和平從容地相處,達至持久的心理健康。


  • 社會科學學士 (主修心理學,副修應用兒童發展),香港大學
  • 西方藝術文憑,香港中文大學專業進修學院
  • 藝術心理治療碩士, 倫敦大學金匠學院 (英國)
  • 兩性關係治療證書, Tavistock London (英國)


  • 註冊藝術治療師 (註冊編號:AS15328), Health Care Professions Council (英國)
  • 正式會員,英國藝術治療師協會
  • 專業會員,香港藝術治療師協會


English, Cantonese, Putonghua


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