Lai, Hiu Yu (Nicole)

Lai, Hiu Yu (Nicole) 賴曉俞

  • Registered Art Psychotherapist under UK Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Master of Arts in Art Psychotherapy (Merit) at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London
  • Postgraduate Certificate in the Therapeutic Arts at the Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education (IATE - London)  [Accredited by University of East London]
  • Full Membership of The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT, UK)
  • Professional Membership of Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT, HK)
  • Professional Membership of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA, US)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied and Media Arts at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Professor Diploma in Modern Floral Design at American Floral Art School (Chicago)

Nicole gained her skills in using psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and person-centre approach through her training, keen on using art, play and talking flexibly for therapy sessions. Nicole has art therapy experience supporting children in a primary school in London (Newfield Primary School) on issues around bereavement, refuge, family abuse and learning difficulties. She had also worked in 2 different mental health rehabilitation hostels in London (London Cyrenians Housing Ltd. and Reliant Care Ltd.), setting up art therapy for the organizations, providing both individual and group art therapy for adults who suffer from severe mental illness (particularly paranoid schizophrenia), who are with forensic background and other co-exist issues on sexual and religious abuse, depression, self-harm, substance misuse and cultural identity.  

Started her art training since early age and later develop her skills as a graphic and floral designer, Nicole gained personal experience and good insight on how the use of art materials and creativity can facilitate emotional expressions, transforming them into different forms through different media. This, in return, allows Nicole to give space for her clients to freely explore their individual world through 2D and 3D creations, gradually enable them to arrive at a 4D sensory experience during the creative process. Sensory experiences and storytelling through visuals can help reconnecting clients’ emotions and memories to gain new insights and meanings.

With Nicole’s attention to details and sensitivity to her surroundings, she has strong passion in exploring the future development of art therapy, particularly in Hong Kong. Nicole holds the idea that “art therapy is not limited to art materials”, keen on helping clients to develop their unique “artistic language”, experimenting different use of materials with spontaneity, hoping this will gradually become their own “therapeutic language”, which can speak to and speak for clients’ inner self. Through being an art therapist, Nicole aims to promote the relationship between art and mental health, believing in the values of art as the linkage between the society and humanity. She is also highly aware of the hierarchical dynamics between client and therapist, understanding the feeling of trust and safety are essential in a therapeutic relationship.

賴曉俞在修讀視覺藝術治療及表達藝術治療課程的經驗中, 學會有效地運用精神分析學, 心理動力學及人本主義的技巧幫助服務使用者, 並能靈活揉合藝術創作, 遊戲及談話等方式進行治療。賴曉俞曾於倫敦當地小學 (Newfield Primary School) 膽任藝術治療師, 為校內受情緒困擾的學童, 於喪親, 戰事移民, 家庭暴力及學習障礙等問題上提供一對一情緒治療服務。其後, 亦先後為倫敦當地兩間不同的精神庇護中心(London Cyrenians Housing Ltd. 及 Reliant Care Ltd.) 設立藝術治療服務, 並為患有重度精神病(思覺失調)及曾犯罪之成年服務使用者提供一對一及小組藝術治療。當中處理的個案包括受性侵犯, 宗教侵犯, 抑鬱, 自我傷害, 物質濫用及身份認同等問題。

自小開始接受視覺藝術培訓及其後作為平面及花藝設計師, 賴曉俞從個人創作以及運用不同視覺藝術媒體的經驗中, 對如何把感受構想成不同的畫面與型態, 再經由不同的形式及媒體去展現, 最後達致疏導情緒的效果, 有著個人而深刻的領略。尤其在視覺藝術治療上, 賴曉俞靈活遊走於平面與立體的創作空間, 明白到藝術治療是希望在安全的治療環境及藝術治療師的輔助下, 令服務使用者能夠由 “二維” 及 “三維” 的個人藝術創作過程中, 開啟並走進 “四維” 的感官體驗, 讓此體驗重新與情緒及記憶連結, 再為此連結尋找新的洞見及意義。

擁有對身邊事物仔細的洞察力及敏感度, 賴曉俞抱有濃厚的熱誠研究及發展藝術創作在未來心理治療上的更多可能性, 抱著 “藝術治療不只規限於一般藝術用品” 的理念, 相信加以不同的材料進行實驗式的創作和表達, 可協助服務使用者發掘出其個人獨有的 “藝術語言” 去表達其個人感受與故事。有鑑於香港作為一個傾向經濟及商業活動主導的城市, 賴曉俞由年少時懷疑藝術在大都會中的價值, 到現在深深體會到藝術在社會與人性之間無可分割的連結, 希望透過藝術治療師一職, 能夠身體力行地向身邊的人推廣心理健康與藝術的緊密關係。同時, 在過往的治療經驗中, 她亦深明治療師及服務使用者之間的關係與張力, 會影響治療進度和效果, 故此她十分著重與服務使用者建立富尊重及安全的信任, 從而建立一段能敞開心扉而具療癒效果的治療關係。



English, Cantonese


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