What is Art Therapy?

What is Hong Kong Association of Art therapists?

Art therapy Education

How to become an art therapist?

An art therapist must be trained in an accredited graduate level (Master’s Degree) Art Therapy program that trained the individuals with the components on the knowledge of Art therapy, psychology, psychotherapy, and/or counseling.

Can I get training to be an art therapist in Hong Kong?

Currently Hong Kong doesn’t offer any Graduate Level Art therapy training. For those who might be interested in pursuing the education in Art therapy, one must go abroad to get the training. Nowadays, one can obtain professional art therapy training in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, as well as Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. There are non-English art therapy trainings in European countries as well. Please visit the correspondence country’s art therapy association for education information. 


What are the differences between general members and professional members?

General Membership

General membership is open to general public. Those who are interested in art therapy or wanting to join our association’s activities and workshop are welcome to be our general members. There is no qualification requirement or limitation on becoming our general member and the membership fee will be $200 per year. General member will get benefits with our discount member fee to attend workshop and activities. General members also will receive first-hand information of HKAAT’s news.

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Professional Membership

Professional Membership is only for qualified art therapist. Applicants for professional membership are required to show proof of having a graduate level or above ART THERAPY training. Membership fee is $500 per year. Professional members will enjoy the same benefit as the general member as well as receiving art therapy job referral, option to join group indemnity insurance package, and a showcase of their biography on HKAAT’s website.

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Art therapy Service

Where can I find an art therapist in Hong Kong?

All professional members in HKAAT are qualified and/or registered art therapists with extensive knowledge in art therapy. You can find their contact information from our professional listing page.

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Is art therapy suitable for me?

Art therapy works for many individuals in various age groups. It is recommended that you talk with your individual art therapist to discuss whether art therapy might work for your current situation.

What does art therapist do?

Art therapist work in diverse settings such as school, hospital, prison, rehab center, counseling center, community center, to provide psychotherapy and support along with art modality, to help individual to express their needs and develop solution and coping skills, so that the service receiver might gain insight in their current situation and thus promote healthy changes in life.

Does HKAAT do referral or provide art therapy service?

Currently HKAAT is aimed for promoting and educating the public on art therapy. We currently don’t provide individual or group art therapy service on behalf of HKAAT. If you would like to hire an art therapist or collaborate with an art therapist for another work, please contact our professional members directly. Or you can contact HKAAT and we can forward your request to our professional members.

Payment Information

How to make payment?

Registration Rules & Regulations

All applicants are required to submit payment (per head per registration), via bank transfer to the below account to confirm the registration. Receipt must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within three (3) days after initial online registration for confirmation. Please submit separate payment slip for membership and event registration if applying for both simultaneously.

Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

An official confirmation email will be sent to your registered email.

Workshop will be cancelled if a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is still in force 2 hours before the event. In this case, the payment will be refunded to applicants.

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