Byrne, Julia

Byrne, Julia

M.A. A.Th., Art Ed

Arts Therapist ANZACATA

Practitioner at Lifespan Counselling and Hong Kong Psychological Services Lecturer 

Academic advisor on the Expressive Arts Therapy Program at The Centre for Behavioral health CBH, The University of Hong Kong

Founding President of HKAAT


Julia grew up in Hong Kong and holds a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and has been dedicated for over the last 26 years pioneering Art Therapy and psychotherapy through various local organizations/NGO’s and the Hong Kong Hospital Authority with a wide variety of client groups including stress/anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, special needs (down syndrome, autism and ADHD) geriatrics, and rehabilitation (stroke and cancer patients) substance abusers, domestic violence and trauma survivors and self-injury. Based on a deep belief in the importance of the body-mind-emotion-and spirit connection, Julia works with clients and client groups to strengthen intra-interpersonal connections, gain personal insights, and make life changes using psychotherapy and art therapy coupled with meditation as change agents. Disaster relief work and community work is another area of passion for Julia. She is also working with children on the Autistic spectrum, as well as children with severe intellectual challenges, conducting training programs and carrying out research for social adaptive and emotional training for the last 15 years.

Julia is the founding president of The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists and is also a lead developer and instructor in Art Facilitation. She has a post as lecturer and academic advisor on the Expressive Arts Therapy Program at The Centre for Behavioral health CBH, The University of Hong Kong. Julia has presented her work overseas and locally and has received over 20 publications.



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