Based upon the belief of the healing power of art in therapy, The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists was established in 2002 to promote and enhance the continued development of art therapy practice, guided by ethical and professional standards.


Promote and enhance the continued development of art therapy practice within Hong Kong based upon professional standards Promote the exchange of knowledge between art therapists, helping professionals and mental health practitioners in Hong Kong. Conduct lectures, workshops and seminars in art therapy for those whom might benefit. Develop training opportunities for potential art therapists. Offer staff development training through art therapy for mental health institutions and schools in Hong Kong. Continue to establish links in art therapy between practitioners in Hong Kong and those throughout Southeast Asia as well as throughout the world. Develop a partnership between The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists and other established art therapy associations.


  1. For the field of art therapy is rapidly developing in Hong Kong, HKAAT strives the best to maintain good and professional standards of art therapy practice. We also show concern and close attention to art therapy training in different local educational institutions and non-government organizations. Therefore,
  2. HKAAT upholds the Professional Membership system to protect the rights and acknowledge the qualifications of local Registered or Qualified Art Therapists who meet the current practice standards of the countries from which these Art Therapists received their art therapy training. The credentials of these professional members are posted on our website for checking.
  3. On the basis of the Professional Membership system, HKAAT WILL NOT accept art therapy or related training courses provided by so called “art therapists” or titles alike, if these trainers DO NOT meet the practice standards of HKAAT. HKAAT reserves the right to take necessary legal action.


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