Who Might Benefit?

Who Might Benefit?  誰人受惠?

Art Therapists work with a variety of clientele and working sites such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, medical centers, prisons, support centers and private practice. Clients include families, adults and/or children of both general and special needs populations. Art Therapy is also used with people with chronic illness and those in need of palliative care. It is also useful for those interested in personal growth and professional enhancement.

Art Therapy can help people with:   術治療能幫助以下人士:

  • Emotional difficulties  情緒問題
  • Depression  抑鬱
  • Trauma  心靈創傷
  • Abuse  虐待
  • Psychological disorders  心理失調
  • Eating disorders  飲食失調
  • Substance and alcohol abuse  濫用藥物及酗酒
  • Chronic illness  長期病患
  • Cancer  癌症
  • Palliative care  紓緩護理
  • Bereavement  喪親哀傷
  • Physically Challenged  身體殘障
  • Learning difficulties  學習障礙
  • Mentally challenged  智障
  • Autism  自閉
  • Down Syndrome  唐氏綜合症
  • ADHD  過度活躍症
  • And professional and personal development  專業及個人發展