An Art Therapist

An Art Therapist

A qualified Art Therapist has completed a postgraduate and/or masters intensive training course lasting two to three years. Training includes art, psychology and psychotherapy. Art therapists are keenly aware of and trained to work with symbolism and help clients to understand their personal connection to this symbolism as it emerges in artwork. Art Therapists are practicing under ethical codes of practice. “Art Therapist’s unique skills and knowledge in the areas of nonverbal communication enable them to develop avenues for expression not possible through traditional methods” (The South Florida Art Psychotherapy Institute).




7 thoughts on “An Art Therapist

  1. Would you please provide the information of studying art therapy in Hong Kong? Like postgraduate program, thanks!

  2. Hi, I am considering in applying for the master degree course of expressive art therapy in Hong Kong University. Could you please share with your opinion about that course? Thanks

    1. Hi,
      sorry for the late reply.
      There is an information session from HKU. Otherwise, come and join HKAAT and talk to some of our members individually!

    1. Hi Zumi, unfortunately there is no formal art therapy training in hong kong at the moment. You can consider other countries, singapore or taiwan got training programmes.

  3. Hi, I am considering to apply for the master degree course of expressive art therapy of the HKU. It requires that applicants should have proficiency in certain areas of art. I do have a few certificates of flower arrangement, but i wonder if the faculty would consider flower arrangement as a visual art?

    1. Hi , as we are not sure about the requirement of the master degree, i recommemd u attend their information session, and speak directly with their teaching staff. Cheers

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