The 11th International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Conference

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The 11th International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Conference – The Flowing Tao of Expressive Arts

The 11th International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) Conference is being held for the first time in Asia. It includes two 1-day pre-conference workshops on October 6-7 and the 3-day main conference on October 8-10, 2015 at the Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, Hong Kong. It is co-hosted by IEATA and Art in Hospital. The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists is one of our silver sponsors.

Expressive arts therapy embraces all art-based practices in an integrated and inclusive way. Each individual’s potential for creating is respected. We believe that art can energize, empower, and promote social changes. It is a profession, an academic subject, a working formulation, an arts-based intervention and simply a way of life.

Hundreds of participants will come from nearly 15 countries, including Japan, Nepal, India, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, the U.S. and South America. You can learn what is happening in the expressive arts in Asia as well as meet some of the world-renowned practitioners. We encourage East-West exchanges of different philosophies and methodologies across cultures.

The 5-day program features over 100 events, including keynote, workshops, agency visits, cultural events, presentation and experiential sessions, open studios, artist projects and performances. There are different platforms for networking, exchange and co-creation.

You will learn how to apply expressive arts in individual counseling, group work, community development, and social advocacy through theory, research, and clinical practice. Then you will be able to enhance yourself and others on personal, professional and societal level. If you are interested in applying arts in your work or pursuing your pathway to be an expressive arts therapist/educator, don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

Register before 15th August to enjoy the early bird discount

(save USD100)

For members’ rate, please join IEATA membership at


第十一屆國際表達藝術治療協會國際會議 – 表達藝術順道流形

表達藝術治療國際會議將於2015年10月首次在香港舉行。本屆會議由國際表達藝術治療協會(IEATA)及藝術在醫院主辦,香港藝術治療師協會為其中一個「銀贊助」機構。是次會議主題是「表達藝術‧順道流形」,整個會議包括在10月6-7日舉行之會前工作坊 及10月8-10日在烏溪沙青年村進行的三天會議。









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