Meet the art therapists 藝術聊程

Happy Year of Horse and Kung Hey Fat Choy!
You are invited to attend our MAT – Meet the Art Therapists (藝術聊程) event.
It is a bi-monthly sharing session conducted by our art therapists/full members.
We are happy to announce that
Ms. Jess Chick (戚健英) is our coming presenter.
Topic        : 初探如何使用中國書法作心理治療和靈性發展
Exploring how to use Chinese calligraphy for healing and spiritual development
Date         : 21 February, 2014 (Friday星期五) Time    : 7-9pm
Venue       : Room 704, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK
Address    : The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK, No. 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, HK
Fee           : HKD50 (members) $ 200 (non-members)
內容  – 初探如何使用中國書法作心理治療和靈性發展
  • 簡介書法中五種主要書體的特色, 包括篆書、隸書、楷書、行書、草書
  • 分享如何運用書法,有助心靈療癒及靈性成長
  • 導師試範及參加者實踐時間(請自備毛筆,大會將預備墨汁和紙張)
Content – Exploring how to use Chinese calligraphy for healing and spiritual development
  • Understand some characteristics of five major styles in Chinese calligraphy
  • Sharing the way of working in Chinese calligraphy on healing and personal spiritual growth
  • Demonstration and hands-on experience (Please bring your own Chinese brush. Ink and paper will be provided)
  • 主講者簡介:
    戚健英(Jess Chick)女士為註冊藝術治療師(英國)及註冊社工。於2005年,在英國完成藝術治療碩士課程,回港後在精神復康及智障服務單位工作,出任兼職及全職藝術治療師長達六年,主要服務對象為精神病康復者及智障人仕,致力於藝術治療本土化的工作。
    自2011至2013, 以合約形式,曾於復康單位,為智障朋友提供個別及小組藝術治療服務、團隊訓練和同工退修、籌劃及推行藝術培育的活動。
    Presenter’s Biography:
    Jess Chick is a registered art therapist (UK) and registered social worker. In 2005, she completed an art therapy master’s program in the UK. Since returning to Hong Kong, she has worked in a psychiatric rehabilitation and mental disabilities services unit as a part-time and full-time art therapist for six years. In 2011, she started her private practice, working with different social service units and community organizations. The service users include people with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, drug addiction, autism, chronic illness and their families. Also, she has conducted groups and workshops for children with emotional problems or learning difficulties. Individual therapy, workshops, exhibitions, research and social worker training have been provided.
    From 2011 to 2013, she worked for people with intellectual disabilities at a community-based centre on a contract basis to provide individual and group art therapy services, team training and retreats, and planning and implementation of activities to cultivate the arts.
    In addition to the use of art therapy for psychological treatment, she is also planning to participate in arts education (inspiring children and young people to reach their artistic potential) and to develop creative thinking and artistic expression.
日期 Date
主題 Topic
主講者 Presenter
Medium of Language
(星期五 Fri)
和靈性發展 Exploring how to use Chinese calligraphy for healing  and spiritual development
Jess Chick
(星期三 Wed)
The Use of Clay in Art Therapy
Ivy Fung
Remarks: Please note that venue may change due to number of participants.
HKAAT will make proper announcement if there is any changes.

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