Meet the Art Therapist 9thDec 2013




Thank you very much for Drago KK, registered art therapist who has given our participants a fruitful sharing.

Here are some feedbacks from our participants:

  1. Thank you 4 the Journey!!
  2. practical way to rebounce
  3. Thank you for sharing a new way to look at grief
  4. Thanks!
  5. 生命就是讓我們經歷‧‧‧
  6. Hidden flower in my heart has been blossomed by this workshop! Thanks a lot!  Carolyn
  7. Deeply touched and more appreciate to my loved one!
  8. Love is the only power for us to Re-Born
  9. Insightful for a difficult process. Thank you! Wonderful translation!
  10. Thank you! It’s my first time getting in touch with Art Therapy. You really get me very interested to learn more.
  11. 三個故事. 不同的人物. 三件事件. 一些圖像道出真情的故事. 謝謝您!
  12. Make the best out of me’s life.

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