MAT: Using Art to Enter the Inner World of Autism Feedback:

IMG_0005 IMG_0004 IMG_0003


Thanks very much for participants’ feedback!

  1. Hi Wendy, Thanks for sharing the cases. Good illustration!
  2. Interesting and knowledgeable. Good to know more about Art Therapy.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Art is a way to connect with children with ASD.
  4. Thanks for the informative sharing!
  5. Thanks for inspiring sharing!
  6. I thought it was very interesting to hear about the specific cares and get to see their artwork.
  7. Thanks Wendy! Nice presentation! Want to know more about art therapy in helping Austism kids!
  8. 多謝今晚一個非常豐富和精彩的個案分析。Blessing.
  9. 很有意思的分享會。很好。謝謝。
  10. 多謝Wendy咁豐富及珍貴的分享。
  11. 期待實務性地試範art therapy.

– 如果知埋”用法”就perfect la !
– This is short.
– Speaker is “讚” x 10000


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