Art Therapy Foundation Course 2013 (FULL)

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As a foundational course on art therapy, this course aims at introducing the fundamental components of art therapy, including some significant theories, techniques, important figures in the history of art therapy, and therapeutic functions of various art media. At the same time, the course will cover some clinical materials, including treatment goals and methods of art therapy illustrated with cases.

This course will be suitable for those who want to take a survey on art therapy; those who desire to begin to integrate art in their own professions; and those who are interested to receive formal art therapy training in the future. Throughout the process of learning, participants will have ample chances to immerse into the process of art making, it is therefore a wonderful experience for those who want to pursue self-reflection and self-growth.

1. Introduction to the foundational concepts of art therapy
2. Gaining personal experience of art making as a therapeutic tool
3. Introduction to integrate art in psychotherapeutic settings

1. Art Therapy as a major psychotherapeutic treatment model
2. Art media, art therapy assessment, & ethical guidelines of use of art in counseling
3. Introduction to art therapy treatment goals and methods: Art as therapy; art in therapy; art, spirituality & personal growth
4. Integration & application: Working with specific client populations
5. Discussion Forum: Presentations of art therapy cases in various settings by art therapists

1. Participants are expected to take an active role in class discussion, make art throughout the learning process and do assignments
2. Maximum: 20 participants (First come first served)
* You must pay in advance to secure your place.

Date, Time
26th September 2013 – 14th November 2013
7-9pm (8 sessions)
4/F, No. 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

Non-members: $2,000
Members: $1,800

Brief Biography of Trainer
Mr. Joshua Kin-man Nan (藍建文), PhD Candidate, Dept. of SWSA, HKU; Master of Arts, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC); Art Specialist Course (Ceramics), HK Visual Arts Center; Master of Divinity, Canada, BSW
Joshua is a qualified art therapist, graduated from SMWC, USA. He owns almost twenty years frontline clinical social work experience. From 2003 onwards, he started to launch funded projects of CitiSuccess Fund “Sing Around the World” and “Clay Around the World” applying expressive arts in school & community setting.
Joshua has served a wide range of client groups, including elderly, children/youth with serious emotional/behavioral problems and learning difficulties, families, and psychiatric patients & provided art therapy training for many organizations, e.g. SKH Elderly Social Services, Methodist Church Social Services, SWD, HK Youth Federations, HK Government Correction Services (Male), & HKBU.
With formal theological training, Joshua has preached in churches, run talks & workshops for various religious groups in cultivating spirituality, life issues with arts since 1998. Currently, Joshua is a Clinical Associate of the Center on Behavioral Health, HKU and a member of the Professional Training Team of the Federation of Education Workers.


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