Feedbacks from members on 19 May 2013 Circle Painting Workshop

circle painting EvaluationThe Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists
19th May 2013
10th AGM: Circle Painting Workshop
Feedbacks from members

 有空間感,團結在繪畫中,簡單有意義。
 非常平靜,非常圓滿,Thanks a lot
 很有啟發性! I love it! Simple and beautiful! Spread art! Connection!
 Thanks for having this relaxing and meaningful workshop!
 Circle of art, circle of friends.
 I like it, cheers!
 Thank you – It was really relaxing and fun, and the power point was inspiring. Hope to be able to use it often in my work.
 Inspiriting!
 Practical, experiential, very clear explanation and demonstration on objectives and skills in circle painting as a community art.
 Nice experience and know a method to bring people together fun! And amazing! Thank
 Wow! Wonderful! I enjoy it very much. Thank you.
 Beautiful work
 Woo hoo! Amazingly connecting! Beautiful!
 Connected! Inspired! Happiness! Creative!


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