AGM 2012

Dear members,

This is a reminder that HKAAT will be holding our ninth Annual General Meeting on 17th June 2012 at The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK, 4/F, Room A, No. 3 Lockart Road in Wanchai (location has been changed). We hope that allof you can attend. This will be an important AGM as we will beholding elections for a new body of executive committees to serve terms and ideas and your vote is necessity.

Before the A.G.M, one of our consultants *Evelyna LIANG Kan, will be hosting Somatic Dance at The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Associationof HK.  Please noted that casual wear (participants will bare footduring the workshop and sometimes need to lie on the floor) is needed for this workshop.  Please see details below.

Date 日期:    17 June 2012(Sunday)    六月十七日(星期日)

Time 時間:      11:30 – 2:30 p.m.              上午十一時三十分時至下午二時三十分

Program 程序:       Somatic Dance by Ms. LIANG Kan, Evelyna

Time 時間:      11:30 – 1:00 p.m.                上午十一時三十分至一時 (工作坊 — 由梁以瑚女士主持)

Program Venue 地點 :      4/F,Room A, No. 3 Lockhart Road             香港灣仔駱克道三號四樓一號室 (香港小童群益會)

Time 時間:        1:00 – 2:30 p.m. (AGM &Lunch)       下午一時至二時三十分 (週年會員大會及聚餐)

AGM Venue:             4/F, Room A, No. 3Lockhart Road

週年大會及聚餐地點:       香港灣仔駱克道三號四樓一號室 (香港小童群益會)

Fee費用:        Free for all Members所有會員免費          Non-member $200  非會員收費200元

*Evelyna LIANG Kan, DFA, has worked for the past 40 years as anartist, art educator an community artist in needy and underprivilegedcommunities using her community art model. Evelyna has exhibited extensively inHong Kong and Asia. Her interest has extended into the area of “Healingthrough Art” using ordinary daily objects to explore the relationshipbetween different people and countries.

Please seeattached:  1. AGM Announcement and registration 2. Election procedure 2012

We lookforward to seeing you at our AGM.


Wendy Kou,

President of HKAAT

For and on behalf of HKAAT EXCO


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