Tung, Mei Chi (Mimi)

Tung, Mei Chi (Mimi) 董美姿

Registered Art Therapist (USA)

Marriage and Family Therapist (USA)

Master of Arts in Art Therapy (USA)

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (USA)

Founder of ArtMazing Counseling Centre (also known as ArtMazing Space), is a Registered Art therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist who received her Master degree in California. She worked at the Comprehensive Care Program of the Children and Adolescent Psychiatry, the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, California and Beijing Agape Center for Counseling as art therapist and professional counselor before. Currently apart of her private practice, she also offers individual and group therapy at Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services Centre, Kwai Chung Hospital and various schools.

She has worked with a wide scope of populations including children, adolescents, cancer patients, elderly, family, adults of substances abuse, chronic illness and mental distress. She works extensively with teens suffer from anxiety, poor self-esteem, social phobia, depression, bipolar, psychosis, trauma, eating disorders, suicidal and self-mutilating behaviors. Her clients also include SEN students, adults with emotional and family issues, and elders with dementia.

Her practice consists of the use of verbal and non-verbal communication such as drawing, crafts, clay, photography, writing, and sandplay therapy etc. She also gives lectures, professional trainings and supervisions at times. She has lived in Hong Kong, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Beijing and can provide service in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Art Therapy, Notre Dame de Namur University, California, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Professional Member of the American Art Therapy Association
  • Professional Member of The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists 
  • Full Member of The Asian Academy of Family Therapy
  • Associate Member of The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association


藝覓心理治療中心(又名藝覓天空)的創辦人;註冊藝術治療師; 婚姻及家庭治療師 ,於美國加洲灣區聖母大學獲取婚姻與家庭心理治療及藝術治療碩士。曾於美國加洲 史丹福大學醫院青少年精神科任職藝術治療師及北京愛在人間咨詢培訓中心當專業輔導員。現在除私人執業外,亦於浸信會愛群社會服務中心、葵涌醫院及不同學校兼任藝術治療師。

過去十年臨床經驗的對象涵括兒童、青少年、婦女、癌症病人、老人科、家庭、濫用藥物人士、長期病患者及精神科,作個別或小組心理治療。治療經驗較多是受焦慮、低自尊心 、社交障礙、抑鬱、操鬱、思覺失調、創傷、 飲食失調、自殺傾向或自毀行為困擾的青少年。也有治療特殊需要學童、情緒困擾、家庭問題的成人及認知障礙之長者。治療應用到語言及非語言的不同媒介如:繪畫、陶泥、攝影、寫作、沙遊等。

不定時提供教學、專業培訓及督導。 曾在香港,美國、英國、上海及北京居住。她能 以英语,普通話和廣東話提供服務。


  • 美國加洲灣區聖母大學婚姻與家庭治療及藝術治療碩士
  • 香港中文大學藝術學士
  • 美國藝術治療師協會專業會員
  • 香港藝術治療師協會專業會員
  • 亞洲家庭治療學院正式會員
  • 香港沙遊治療師協會會員



English, Cantonese, Putonghua


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